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Field Guide to Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of Europe and the Mediterranean

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There has long been a need for a field guide to all the European cartilaginous fishes (sharks, rays and chimaeras). Many species within this group are included in the Red Data list, with many more waiting in the wings. Increased research into this group has led to a demand for a comprehensive and easy to use field guide accessible to citizen-scientists, conservationists, fishermen and researchers alike.

This field guide covers the Mediterranean, the northeast Atlantic including Iceland, all the Scandinavian coasts and the Black Sea, and as far south as The Canary Islands, describing all 143 species. Each species account incorporates a full species text, including identification, habitat, biology and status, a colour distribution map, an easy to read depth guide, at a glance icons and at least two colour illustrations, with many accounts showing colour variations never illustrated before. Throughout the book are illustrated key guides, enabling the reader to accurately identify down to species where possible. Comparison plates of similar species and plates of teeth also aid identification. Eggcases for the group are also illustrated where known.

This is the first of a series of guides that will eventually cover all the worlds regions where cartilaginous fishes are found.

Authors: David A. Ebert and Marc Dando
Publication date: Autumn 2020
ISBN: 9780957394643
Extent: 368pp
Size: 215mm H x 171mm W


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