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In the Company of Seahorses

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It was the end of an enjoyable but otherwise uneventful dive exploring the seagrass beds in Studland Bay. When, running low on air, and heading back towards the beach, Steve Trewhella and Julie Hatcher were stopped in their tracks. There, as large as life, was a beautiful, yellow seahorse with its tail curled around a seaweed frond. It turned out to be the first confirmed sighting of a pregnant seahorse in the United Kingdom, and, as such, changed people’s perception of UK seahorses overnight. This extraordinary encounter started a love affair for the authors with this enchanting animal.

Steve and Julie have since spent hundreds of hours in British waters observing native seahorses. They have witnessed at first hand how they behave in the wild, and their interaction with the other plants and animals that share their underwater realm.

With stunning photography, In the Company of Seahorses paints a rich picture of a mysterious world amongst swaying seagrass and colourful seaweeds. In addition the accompanying text is packed with personal anecdotes describing the authors’ journey of discovery. This beautiful book illustrates for the first time the secretive lives of these elusive animals in British waters.

By sharing one couple’s passion for an entrancing ocean icon, In the Company of Seahorses aims to inspire, inform and create a better understanding of  British seahorses and their often vulnerable habitats around Britain’s coastline.


Authors: Steve Trewhella and Julie Hatcher
Foreword: Doug Allan
Publication date: 31st July 2017
ISBN 9780995567320
Extent: 240pp
Size: H 240mm x W 250mm

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